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About Banqiao 435 Art Zone

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Banqiao 435 Art Zone provides citizens with a public space where they can feel, experience and practice arts so that art is closely connected with their daily lives to create pleasure and sensation. A series of courses and exhibitions are also being held in the zone, which fully embodies its goal of combining teaching with learning.

There are not only lots of flowers and plants in the zone, but also a vast green land.  The European-style Zhongzheng Memorial Hall is situated at the entrance, with a façade constructed by the towering and symmetrical Doric Columns and exquisitely carved mountain walls which look simple yet gorgeous with the adornment of white sand and a fountain.  It has indeed become the backyard of lots of photographing lovers.

  "Construction makes a city strong and cultural cultivation allows for a city to become great"! We have no doubts that Banqiao 435 Art Zone will become a dream art base for the New Taipei City citizens.